Oregon adds San Jose State, Portland State to 2018 football schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

The Oregon Ducks have added the San Jose State Spartans and the Portland State Vikings to their 2018 football schedule, FBSchedules.com has learned.

Oregon will host Portland State at Autzen Stadium in Eugene on Sept. 8, 2018. The Vikings will receive a $550,000 guarantee for playing the game, according to a copy of the contract obtained from Oregon via a public records request.

Portland State is a member of the Big Sky Conference in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS). The Vikings are coming off a good season that ended with a 29-17 home loss to Northern Iowa in the 2nd round of the FCS Playoffs.

Oregon and Portland State have squared off four times, most recently in 2010. The Ducks blanked the Vikings 69-0 in that game to extend their overall series lead to 4-0.

San Jose State will travel to take on Oregon at Autzen Stadium on Sept. 15, 2018. The Ducks will pay the Spartans a $1.6 million guarantee for the game, according to a copy of the contract.

San Jose State and Oregon first met on the gridiron in 1953 and have played a total of 18 games. In their last meeting in 1998, the Ducks beat the Spartans 58-3 to extend their lead in the series to 12-6.

With the addition of Portland State and San Jose State, Oregon has tentatively completed the non-conference portion of their schedule for the 2018 season. The Ducks are slated to open the 2018 season at home on Sept. 1 vs. Bowling Green.

Date change for 2022 BYU-Oregon Game

Last September, it was announced that Oregon would host BYU in Eugene on Sept. 10, 2022. According to a copy of an amendment to that contract obtained by FBSchedules.com, the two schools have agreed to  push the date of the game back one week to Sept. 17, 2022.

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09/01 – Bowling Green
09/08 – Portland State
09/15 – San Jose State

If this OOC schedule belonged to an SEC school we would see 25 negative post. Spread the hate SEC haters.

By the way Jinzo, Oregon will be taking an L in 2019 too and I’m not talking Nevada or Montana either.

War Eagle!

You just don’t get it, do you? The SEC plays 8 conference games. The Pac 12 plays 9 conference games. Also, Oregon will be playing 5 away games.

That said, yes, this is one of the weakest OOC schedules in the Pac 12 for 2018. Still, they play 9 power 5 teams, which is the exact same as every other SEC team.

It’s you and the rest of the SEC haters who don’t get it, Maverick.

All Power 5 programs are NOT the same. The whole argument that somehow playing 9 conference games matters when that ninth game is against teams like Colorado and Washington State.

Quit treating every team as the exact same, just because they are called a Power 5 team. It’s just not the case.

By your standards, Kansas is better than Houston just because they are in a Power 5 conference and Houston isn’t. That’s about the dumbest argument I have ever heard of. You have to look at the teams individually, not at whether or not they are a Power 5 team and just assume they are better.

Not that I would ever expect you to understand that. I guess some of you just need things to be simple….

If you knew anything about Oregon’s 2018 schedule, you would know this is happening because Texas A&M backed out of a home in home in 2018-2019. Just as Georgia backed out of a 2015-2016 home and home. S-E-C! S-E-C! S-E-C!

Georgia game was scheduled for 2015/16, had nothing to do with 2018. K-State also cancelled with the Oregon as well in 2011/12.

I really liked our series against Auburn….nice fans and setting. Wish we had shown up the first game but we gave your Tigers all you wanted and more last year!!

Oregon-Auburn will be a hell of a game!

The Oregon and Georgia cancelation was mutual. Georgia didn’t ‘back out.’ They mutually agreed to not play the games.

Ohio State did cancel series’ with Georgia and Tennessee. USC and Tennessee had an agreement that never came to pass. Michigan canceled a series recently with Arkansas. Everybody cancels these games. They set them so far in advance and things change. No harm.

Again, some of you only see the world in black and white. Learn to think a little.

THE SEC IS NOT THAT GOOD, JOE. You play Vanderbilt and the SEC East. You also don’t travel. Everyone of you plays an FCS game. And your bowl games are right next to your house.

Now your arguments will be about:
1.) all of the BCS Championships your team has gotten, despite you not mentioning how skewed the BCS polls were. NOTE: Everyone with a rational mind knows USC was by far the best team during the BCS era (and yet they only played in 2 title games because they didn’t play a conference championship game because they were in a 10 team conference)
2.) All of the players the SEC has gotten drafted into the NFL, despite you not mentioning how you have 14 teams in your conference.
3.) How great each team is, despite the SEC has solely been riding the coat tails of Alabama football’s success.
4.) Your 2015 bowl record, I think it was 9-2, despite you not mentioning how most match-ups clearly should not have been matched-up. (If you were to line up where each team in their conference lined up from 1st to 14th in their conference, you would find teams like Northwestern had no business playing Tennessee when:
–LOSSES that matter: Texas A&M should have beaten Louisville, but lost! — Minus 1 point to SEC.

–WINS that don’t matter: Arkansas should have beaten Kansas State, Georgia should have beaten Penn State, Ole Miss should have beaten OK State, Miss State should have beaten NC State, LSU should have beaten Texas Tech. — No points to SEC.

–WINS that do matter: Tennessee-Northwestern was a blow-out for Tenn, Auburn-Memphis was a win by Auburn. — 2 Points to SEC.

–EVEN MATCH-UPS: Florida-Michigan and Alabama-Michigan State were the only correct match-ups, and the Big Ten and SEC split these games with two blow-outs. I’ll call this a wash. — No points to the SEC.

So, in my kind of ridiculous breakdown of last year’s SEC bowl record, I would say you had a net positive rating. I would also say it was in pretty dominant fashion if you watched them. However, I plead for you all to realize how unbalanced these match-ups were as compared to 2014’s bowl match-ups (which were also skewed into having the SEC be outmatched). If you don’t believe me, just compare their records to their opponents before their match-ups. This past year’s bowl match-ups overall, not just in the SEC, were so far from balanced match-ups. I hope we see better match-ups come this winter.

No. The SEC isn’t that good. You’re right.

They’re better.

You can break it down however you choose, the SEC is always going to come out on top. They just do.

This whole nine conference game argument is like arguing that if you go to McDonalds and get a Happy Meal, your fries come with the meal. Where if you go to a steakhouse, they don’t, so obviously McDonalds is better.

It’s just not that simple. Maybe that’s all you can understand, but it just doesn’t work that way, cupcake.

So, enjoy your Happy Meal, sport. Leave the real football discussion to the grown ups.

I have already argued this point in January, I am not going over the bowls & games again. If the SEC wins then there are excuses to why they won,if the SEC loses it comes down to OVERRATED!. Whatever.

You need an education on mathematics and economics. If you had one, you would know that the ESPN Strength of Schedule metric was not a true indicator of Strength of Schedule.

Also, your bowl record last year, while impressive to the naked eye, was very skewed.
Michigan (who finished 3rd in the Big 10 East) dominated Florida (who won the SEC East).
It’s the same exact thing for Alabama (first in the SEC West) crushing MSU (1st in the Big Ten East).

Your impressive wins were Alabama, Tennessee beating Northwestern, and Ole Miss beating Oklahoma State. Outside of that, all the other games you absolutely should have won. 100%.


So you basically you are saying the SEC had a “was very skewed” bowl record based on ESPN SOS? You picked out three SEC teams that smashed their competition, the other SEC teams won except for two. Florida had it rough the last three games with FSU, Bama & by the time they met up with Michigan, they were done! SEC went 9-2 bowls, that’s all I need to know minus the “mathematics and economics” of it all. You are saying the SEC only had three impressive wins in their bowl games, why should that even matter? I don’t really think the bowl system is designed to pick out SEC teams to, as you would say “Outside of that, all the other games you absolutely should have won. 100%.”
If that was the case then why even play bowl games if the SEC is automatically going to win or should win them 100%?
All I know is you bashed the SEC two years ago for going 7-5 in bowls & you let us all know about it all year long with your SEC IS OVERRATED rants, then the SEC goes 9-2 & you have made nothing but excuses to why they won their games. I understand you say that you are not hating on the SEC but all you do is complain about 9-game conference, OOC schedules, excuses to why the SEC goes 9-2 their bowls then bash the SEC when they go 7-5 & say how OVERRATED they are. All conferences are not created equal & I know for a fact the committee sees the games & knows who is playing who. Let them do their job, it is not up to you. The ACC & SEC are doing just fine & no it has nothing to do with only playing 8-conference games, its because Clemson & Bama were the best teams last year just like they will be the best teams this year. It all evens out in the end.

So, when Oklahoma beats Iowa State, it should help Oklahoma because they are a Power 5 team. But when the SEC beats a Power 5 team, they should have beat them so it doesn’t count.

What a great argument.

It must suck to go through life the way you seem to go through it. So full of anger and hatred and knowing that as long as their is an SEC your team and conference will never be the best.

Of course, being stupid probably helps you out a lot. So, maybe you don’t even realize how foolish you look.

Maverick, u quack. Ole Miss entered the bowl at 9-3… Oklahoma State at 10-2. And bama annihilating Michigan Jr. 38-0 IN THE PLAYOFFS WAS FOR MORE meaningful and more evenly matched than Florida and Michigan. Florida had been complete garbage for the final 3 games before their bowl. Only a complete idiot such as U, would say something as stupid as u did. Btw USC sucks kiddo, lolololololololol ???. And you’ll find out how tough the SEC really is when Alabama creams USC on national television.

So, will anyone mock the Oregon 2018 schedule that has a MAC middle-tier, a low end MWC, and a always-strong FCS team? Who in the PAC does Oregon miss in 2018, Kevin?

Actually Bowling Green WON the MAC, and Portland State beat Washington State last year. And SJSU is good once every 6 years (2006, 2012)

This is what happens when schools back out of home and home’s. Majority of Power 5 non-conference games are already set and Oregon had to take teams who had openings. Not Oregon’s fault 2 SEC teams have backed out of home and home’s with us. Thanks A&M!

Only SEC teams cancel games, apparently. Probably doesn’t matter when others do it because other teams play 9 conference games, or because all the bowl games are in the South, or some other nonsense.

Day… I sure did because we were forced to pick up Tennessee Tech. The best part about that K-state back out was they won the Big12 title and had to play Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl the year that they were supposed to come to Autzen! 35-17 Ducks! K-State Karma……

That’s a crappy schedule, it’s not completely our fault (thanks A&M), but it seems like we could have given something to get another P5 on the schedule.

Its been posted on here many times that both Texas A&M and Georgia cancelled series with Oregon. SEC fans too often look at scheduling through rose colored glasses. SEC fans aren’t aware of their own programs cancelling series with other P5 programs?

Mason, Only SEC teams still need a game for 2018 so UO was left without good options. This is partly on the UO AD. Oregon needs to enforce buyout provisions in the contracts they agree to so these kind of cancellation issues would not be an on going affair.

I would have loved to have gotten Arkansas or Ole Miss on the schedule. Vanderbilt not as much, but would have preferred them to Portland St.

Day K-State cancelled when Snyder took over as coach again. He wanted an easier schedule for the rebuilding process and play more games at home. But both Texas A&M and Georgia canceled because they went out and got a ‘better deal’ with another program after deciding not wanting to play Autzen. At least Snyder was transparent about it.

Anyone stating that ALL programs cancel games AND at the same time leave other programs in a scheduling bind, is incorrect. Some SEC programs are the biggest offenders.

So whats the difference, rebuilding process or better deal? They were still cancelled, one is no better then the other for Oregon but they were better for Georgia & K-State at the time. Not so much for Oregon, I agree.

For the record, the Georgia/Oregon series was cancelled because of MUTUAL agreement. Oregon wanted out of the series because of the 9-game conferences series.

There was no payout, no penalty, no harm. Both schools agreed not to play the games.

I know that ruins the narrative you want to build, but it’s the truth.

Mason, Oregon was always going to ass a Big Sky/FCS program to the 2018 schedule. The Ducks were just waiting to make an agreement for the other schedule opening. I agree that San Jose State was not the answer many were hoping for. Ark or Ol Miss would have been better. But Oregon scheduling the so-called “neutral” site game in Arlington against Auburn in 2019 eliminated the ability to schedule a home-and-home in back to back years, Oregon AD keeps shooting himself in the foot. But I suggest quit scheduling SEC programs that don’t want to lay in Autzen, period.

Joe, It doesn’t matter what you may have read in the press, Oregon and Georgia cancelling was because Georgia did not want to play in Autzen. Take off the rose colored glasses.

Mason. The 2018 Texas Tech-Ol Miss game in Houston announced today, took those two programs off of Oregon’s 2018 target (to replace the game Texas A&M cancelled). So the question is why Arkansas didn’t want to schedule Oregon in 2018 or beyond, as the Hogs have many openings 2018 and beyond? Suggests Arkansas wants to avoid playing in Autzen. At least Arkansas didn’t schedule a home-and-home with Oregon and then cancel it, as some SEC teams prefer to do it.

Why are you presuming Arkansas didn’t want to play that game? We have no idea if either school even brought it up. As for teams dropping series, we have openings in 2018-19 because Michigan just canceled the series we were going to have with them.

Auburn didn’t want to play Oregon in a home-and-home in 2018-19 which would mean a game at Autzen. So instead the Tigers went the easy route and scheduled the Ducks for a “neutral site” game in Arlington for 2019. So Auburn still needs a P5 opponent for 2018. If the Tigers had gone with a series with Oregon it would have been a win-win situation for everyone. Clearly some SEC programs just din;t want to play AUuzen.

What the heck! What happened to Arkansas. We could have done a home and home with Arkansas since Michigan pulled out to play Notre Dame. The dates matched perfectly. Let me guess they didn’t want to play us!