Ohio State to Host UNLV in 2017, Oregon State in 2018

By Kevin Kelley -

The Ohio State Buckeyes have added games against the UNLV Rebels and the Oregon State Beavers to their future football schedules, the school announced today.

Ohio State will host UNLV at Ohio Stadium in Columbus on Sept. 23, 2017. The game will be the first ever meeting between the two schools on the gridiron.

Oregon State will travel to Columbus to open the 2018 season on Sept. 1. Ohio State claimed both previous meetings against the Beavers, winning 51-10 in 1974 and 22-14 in 1984.

The home games against Oregon State and UNLV replace a 2017-18 home-and-home series with North Carolina that was canceled yesterday.

Due to the Big Ten moving to a nine-game schedule in 2016, Ohio State will have only four conference home games in odd years. That means they will likely want all three of their non-conference games played in Columbus in those years, barring any extraordinary circumstances (i.e. neutral-site games, etc.).

The Buckeyes now have two of their three non-conference games set for the 2017 and 2018 seasons. Ohio State is also slated to host Oklahoma on Sept. 16, 2017 and travel to TCU on Sept. 15, 2018.

Ohio State also confirmed today that their 2020-21 series with Boston College has been moved to Sept. 9, 2023 in Columbus and Sept. 2, 2024 (Monday, Labor Day) at Chestnut Hill, Mass.

Ohio State is the third announced non-conference opponent for UNLV in 2017. The Rebels are also slated to visit Idaho on Sept. 9 and host Arkansas State on a date to be announced.

Oregon State now has two of their three games set for their 2018 non-conference schedule. The Beavers are also scheduled to travel to Nevada on Sept. 15.

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How does Utah get a home & home with Michigan and Oregon State only gets a road game @ Michigan? and TCU gets a home & home with Ohio State and Oregon State , again only gets a road game. Oregon State’s stadium is the slightly larger than Utah’s and the same size as TCU. What gives?

Truth is Utah never got a ‘home and home’ with Michigan. It was announced as a home and home only after Utah played a ‘one and done’ at Michigan a couple years prior. So really it was a 2-1.

Dream on Jeff. Unlike BYU’s seemingly endless string of 2-for-1s with P5 teams and their upcoming ONE-AND-DONE with Michigan, Utah actually scheduled a HOME-AND-HOME with Big Blue after being invited to join the Pac-12. The 2008 Utah/Michigan game played absolutely no part in Utah’s current HOME-AND-HOME arrangement with the Wolverines.

I imagine buying a 1 and done from a p5 school is pretty expensive, maybe Oregon State wanted a big payday more than 2 beat downs at the hands of the buckeyes?

Oh and how exactly does this article turn into a BYU-Utah pissing match?

Ute truth. Utah has ZERO p5 home games scheduled other than the mandatory fellow p12 teams. This leads anyone with a reasonable mind to conclude Utah has no clout to schedule home/home with p5 conference teams. Please give a shout out when and IF Utah ever schedules a non-conference power 5 team at home. The pre-arranged 2-1 Michigan series does NOT count. Not only does BYU schedule every p12 team home/home, it ALSO gets other p5 home/home match ups…ie; Georgia Tech, Viginia, something Utah can’t get done.

“Not only does BYU schedule every p12 team home/home”

Well that right there proves you don’t know what you’re talking about – they’re doing a one-off with Michigan not unlike Bowling Green or Appalachian State.

Texas is a huge recruiting ground, and playing a game there is of great value, even if it’s “just” Ft. Worth. Oregon doesn’t compare in that regard and the Beavers aren’t on the level of the University of Oregon in terms of exposure.

The Utah/Michigan deal was made as part of the planned scheduling agreement between the B1G and P12.

@ Jeff – You truly are a clueless. BYU doesn’t schedule every Pac-12 team home and home, they have 2 for 1s with Arizona and USC, and have scheduled 2 for 1 with Wisconsin, Texas, and Notre Dame. They also have scheduled one and dones @ Ole Miss, TCU, Michigan, Nebraska, and West Virginia. BYU is a joke and plays a WAC schedule. By the way, Utah scheduled Michigan as part of the planned B1G/Pac-12 scheduling agreement that ended up falling through. Only a complete moron would believe it was a 2 for 1.

I guess its never good enough? Tough being a buckeye. Doesnt matter who they schedule, it will never be good enough. They(buckeyes) dont do any different than what the other top 5 teams do. The truth is, the Big ten is strong again and the Buckeyes will play enough top 25 teams from the respected conference.

I think part of it for the big ten and the other 9 game conferences is the years they have 4 home conference games , to make sure the 3 non-conference games are at home, to make sure they get the 7 total home games each year. Especially with the schools with the big stadiums. Probably the years they have the 5 home conference games they will try to fit a road or nuetral game in.

Which still proves you don’t know what you are talking about. BYU has scheduled 2 for 1s with Arizona and USC.

They have 5 B1G road games including Nebraska, Iowa, and Michigan, plus a home OOC with Oklahoma. They also have B1G games Michigan State and Penn State at home. They are hardly ducking tough games. UNLV is the only G5 game scheduled, although I expect a 7th home game against a G5 opponent. That makes 10 P5 games

They replace North Carolina with Oregon State in 2018 also, which is hardly a easy game, and they travel to TCU still. So 11 P5 opponents, and one home game to be scheduled, probably a G5. Again no ducking here.

Frankly most of the P5 are not ducking the tougher schedules. Everyone seems to be adding a P5 OOC game or two.

Ute truth, show me evidence of a 2-1 with Arizona. I’ve seen a 1-1-1 in all media reports. Want to debate the neutrality of the Phoenix game ? I have a feeling if the university of Illinois was playing Notre Dame in Chicago one would not think of it as a home game for Illinois simply because it’s in the state of Illinois. I expect more BYU fans attend.
True the USC matchup is the only 2-1 scheduled, however, your memory is selective and you are forgetting about BYU’s home/home with USC in the early 2000s, something Utah could never get done.

LOL. You actually believe that crap. Sorry, but that “neutral” game in Phoenix will draw many more Wildcat fans than it will Cougars, at least 2:1 but most likely 3:1 or 4:1 in favor of Arizona.
And the fact that BYU could get a home and home with USC as a member of the MWC and is now taking 2 for 1s from them should tell you just how far BYU has fallen in the eyes of P5 teams.

By the way, Utah has home and homes with USC from 2011 through FOREVER! Hahahahahaha!!!!! Sucks to be you guys!

Any idea what Ohio State is paying Oregon State for this one? Guarantees for FCS schools seem to go in the $300,000-$500,000 range, G5 seem to get more. I think that I remember Ohio State paying Colorado $1.4M. Can’t be cheap to pay a P5 school to travel that far.

Ute truth, look, another BYU/pac12 home and home series announced today! I think that makes all league teams which includes September and November match ups. Goes to show Utah’s only claim to fame is their p12 schedule which is not that big of a deal. Once again, wake me up if Utah ever schedules an out of conference p5 home/home series.