ESPN releases 2012 SEC Football Schedule tidbits

By Kevin Kelley -

SECYesterday it was announced that the SEC would not announce their 2012 football schedule until sometime after Christmas. Today, Chris Low of ESPN released a few tidbits about the schedule.

With the addition of Missouri and Texas A&M to the conference, SEC Commissioner Mike Slive wanted to set them both up with a premier game at home early in the season. Missouri will host Georgia and Texas A&M will host Florida, both likely on Sept. 8.

Listed below are tidbits of the 2012 SEC schedule from ESPN:

  • Alabama – vs. Missouri and Texas A&M (sites TBA)
  • Florida – at Texas A&M (likely Sept. 8); vs. LSU
  • Georgia – at Missouri (likely Sept. 8); home vs. Ole Miss; drops game at Alabama
  • Ole Miss – vs. Texas A&M; vs. Vanderbilt
  • South Carolina – vs. Arkansas; at LSU; at Vanderbilt Thurs., Aug. 30 (tentative)
  • Tennessee – vs. Missouri in November

The full 2012 SEC football schedule is now expected to be released on Monday. It will be a patchwork schedule for one year only. Beginning with the 2013 season, the SEC will create a new schedule rotation.

Comments (15)

Once again…shoddy and biased coverage. Does ESPN know that their is football west of the Mississippi? on the West Coast? About as sorry as the BCS program.

As a member of the newest SEC program, I have a few objections with the previous comment. First, I don’t see how providing providing info early is “shoddy” coverage? Second, Mizzou and Texas A&M are both West of the Mississippi. Last, the word you are looking for is “there” not “their”, helpful hint. Apparently grammar and geography aren’t part of your West Coast football program.

ESPN’s college football bias isn’t geography-based, it’s just an SEC bias. And that is because the SEC is indeed the strongest conference. And I’m a Wisconsin fan – I despise most of the SEC teams – but I still recognize that the SEC is really the only conference that isn’t made up of two or three good teams and a bunch of bottom-feeders. The reason ESPN won’t bother covering a new Pac-12 schedule is because nobody cares when Arizona and Washington will play next.

Mizzou & A&M should both start conference play with a win. UGA struggles at the start of the year. Florida hasn’t hit bottom yet, Meyer left Muschamp with no gas in the tank.

USC getting close. Redo the schedule to killem. Time for the setup for LSU, Bama, UGA to run at undefeated. Maybe the Rbacks will be able to pull it off. At Ga, Fl, LSU, with who knows what else to come? Oh, and Brett is right, remember Vandy beating Wake Forest 40 something to whatever last year? There are NO bad teams in the SEC, only those who are missing a few 5 stars to complete the package. Glad to be here though, NOT fun to play the schedule some of these teams do. Sorry for the ramble!! Merry Christmas.

BYU is 9-3, Louisville is a decent team and your only argument against vandy is they “suck”, why ? because they havent lost to any bad teams so you couldnt post a team they lost to, TROLL FAIL!!!!!

Vandy sucks? That may have been the case in years past, but not so much anymore..Just ask Wake Forest…

Actually, Baton Rouge, which is home to LSU, is on the Mississippi River. Mizzou, Arkansas and Texas A&M are West of the Mississippi, while the rest are East.