2014 Big 12 Football Schedule Announced

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2014 Big 12 Football Schedule has been announced. Conference play begins on September 25 when Texas Tech travels to Oklahoma State.

Featured 2014 non-conference match-ups for the Big 12 include SMU at Baylor, Iowa State at Iowa, Kansas at Duke, Auburn at Kansas State, Tennessee at Oklahoma, Florida State vs. Oklahoma State (at Arlington, TX), Minnesota at TCU, Texas vs. UCLA (at Arlington, TX), Arkansas at Texas Tech, and Alabama vs. West Virginia (at Atlanta, GA).

Dates are subject to change as adjustments are expected to accommodate television partners’ requests. Television selections for the first three weeks of the season and special dates are due to the Conference by July 1.

2014 Big 12 Football Schedules

2014 Big 12 Football Schedule (Composite)

Saturday, September 6
K-State at Iowa State

Thursday, September 25
Texas Tech at Oklahoma State

Saturday, September 20
Oklahoma at West Virginia

Saturday, September 27
Baylor at Iowa State
Texas at Kansas

Saturday, October 4
Baylor at Texas
Iowa State at Oklahoma State
Kansas at West Virginia
Oklahoma at TCU
Texas Tech at K-State

Saturday, October 11
West Virginia at Texas Tech
Texas vs. Oklahoma (at Dallas, TX)
Oklahoma State at Kansas
TCU at Baylor

Saturday, October 18
Baylor at West Virginia
Iowa State at Texas
Kansas at Texas Tech
K-State at Oklahoma
Oklahoma State at TCU

Saturday, October 25
West Virginia at Oklahoma State
Texas at K-State
Texas Tech at TCU

Saturday, November 1
Oklahoma at Iowa State
Kansas at Baylor
Oklahoma State at K-State
Texas at Texas Tech
TCU at West Virginia

Saturday, November 8
Baylor at Oklahoma
Iowa State at Kansas
K-State at TCU
West Virginia at Texas

Saturday, November 15
Oklahoma at Texas Tech
Texas at Oklahoma State
TCU at Kansas

Thursday, November 20
K-State at West Virginia

Saturday, November 22
Kansas at Oklahoma
Oklahoma State at Baylor
Texas Tech at Iowa State

Thursday, November 27
TCU at Texas

Saturday, November 29
Texas Tech vs. Baylor (at Arlington, TX)
Kansas at K-State
West Virginia at Iowa State

Saturday, December 6
Oklahoma State at Oklahoma
Iowa State at TCU
K-State at Baylor

Comments (15)

Yeah, I realize scheduling BYU is kind of “meh”, but based purely on the current season it might be a more interesting opponent than some of the others (Iowa, Tennessee, Minnesota, Arkansas, and Maryland are all probably either worse or in the same range as BYU this year). And based on this year, WVU has a lot of work to do in order to make playing Alabama an interesting match up.

Add in the fact that BYU @ Texas is the second week of the season when almost everyone in the Big 12 is playing FCS opponents (4 Big 12 teams have FCS opponents, Texas Tech plays @ UTEP, and Kansas State may or may not schedule a game this week still, but with Auburn already on their schedule and with their scheduling habits they surely won’t have a big name opponent) the BYU game will easily be the biggest game of the week for the conference.

Texas could also arguably have the biggest game of week 3 (with Tennessee being a nice name for OU’s schedule but not having been great lately, Arkansas being a good game for Tech but not being that great lately, and Minnesota, Maryland, Iowa, and even Duke being respectable opponents but not quite at the same level).

UNT is even looking like one of the better “cupcakes” on the Big 12 slate (again, based entirely on the current season).

There may not quite be an Alabama or a Florida State on Texas’ schedule, but overall it could be the strongest non-conference slate when you factor in all 3 games.

They should add Houston and SMU. They don’t need the markets, but there is no one else worth getting in the geographic footprint. Iowa? No. Tulsa? No. I can’t think of any major team going.

I don’t understand why they don’t have all teams playing the first Saturday of December. Great chance to make a last statement and not be forgotten. Sitting at home is not good.

Sitting in a blizzard is not good either. Lawrence, Morganton and even Lubbock can get pretty cold that time of year.

Meh to BYU. BYU just rolled Texas this year!!! Love how you look right past them because you are Texas!

How do you figure that the person who said “meh” was a Texas fan? If I had to guess I would have said it was likely someone trying to dismiss Texas’ schedule…?

byu will not be meh to Texas next year since that is the loss that is going to get the Coach and AD fired. Texas’ arrogance got them pounded this year. I doubt they will still think themselves slumming it next year.

Texas’ arrogance got them pounded? I don’t think it was arrogance so much as just playing badly for the first 3 – 4 games of the season. An improving D has helped since that point…