2010 Florida State football schedule announced

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2010 Florida State Seminoles Football Schedule has been posted. Their schedule features games against BYU, Florida, Oklahoma, Boston College, Clemson, Miami, North Carolina and Virginia.

Listed below are links to the 2010 Florida State Seminoles football schedule and future schedules:

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screw florida state. When they get to norman they will feel like they wished they were back in the state of florida.

I love the Gators but, sorry to say, the Seminoles are loaded this year with talent and will probably beat us to bloody hell. If they beat the Gators, they might as well win the National Championship. Trust me, I hate saying this, but look at the roster and the news coming out of training camp. If the Seminoles are on your schedule this year go ahead and mark one in the ‘L’ column. The Noles will Roll in 2010 unfortunately.

FSU is the team to beat this year so I feel sorry for Anthony but I feel worse for Oklahoma hahahahahahahahahahaha! GO NOLES!!!

The Noles have all the necessary tools to be a real contender this year.Barring any serious injuries this year we…just….might…go…all…the…way!!!

I got one thing to say how can ppl say that christan ponder will be in the race for the heisman trophy this year if he acts like a little girl and gets hurt all the time all im saying is if he pulls that stunt again like he did with clemson he might end up done for good

And one more thing I play football I got a concusion and I still played he is just a pussy

ashton should get his facts straight ponder suffered from a separated shoulder on that play against clemson.and oklahoma sucks.go state

Hey ashton you are just talking that junk becase you know that Florida State is going to beat everyone and Ponder is going to win the heisman.

The wussy gators have a patsey schedule that is why they win. But Florida State is going to kill the gators.

go noles

florida has a tight schedule this year. week 2 tennessee week 3 or 4 bama followed by lsu and later in october georgia. these are 3 rivalry teams which a rivalry team can never be taken easily. with that being said how many field goals is it gonna take this year for fsu to beat florida the 8 you have kicked the past 2 years isnt going to cut it. besides florida has a q.b. this year. passing attack will be better and we still have the dual threats in the back field. fsu’s defense is weak. proved that last season with the points put up by your offense but the games were close because your defense is weak. i mean jacksonvile state? 19-9 against d1 AA SCHOOL. be real. florida is gonna work f.s.u. not to mention loosing to u.s.f. please know football before you talk about it.

to the person who posted before me. you’re an idiot. your dual threats in the backfield only works in the option offense. those backs dont know how to run a spread offense system. they wont shine like last year trust me. and another thing. fsu’s defense is, has, and always will be one of the best defenses in the country. plain and simple. i agree that we had significant issues in our secondary last season but most were a result of lack of experience. and also, we have one of the best kickers in the ncaa right now so i believe if it comes down to it, we can win a kickers dual. brantley is going to be a letdown for you this year and i apologize ahead of time for that. if u want to beat fsu this year you’re gonna have to shut down the passing game and then successfully run it up he gut and do lots of passes to the flats. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!

Florida State is gonna kick ass this year and yall know it how about that Ashton dude shut the hell up. Gators ain’t got @#@$ on my boys this year son!!!!!!

Forget all of you who dont like Florida State!!!!
They are a good team with an awesome coach!!!!

GO NOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the person who said that the gators have a tough schedule this year they played all the teams you named last year. Don’t make it seem like they have a different schedule they just have a SORRY qb this year and they will not be going anywhere but to gainesville this year..And just to let u know we will be scoring touchdowns this year..you better hope your qb be able to hold on to the ball..and further more FSU migh have only beat a d1 school by 10 that’s nothing and to lose to south florida so what!..FSU will have a winning season this year..so don’t let the past fool you the gators will get STOMPED by FSU this year!!!!

And one more thing the gators didn’t do to well to start a season off against miami(ohio) only winning 34-12!!

All of you beer swilling wasters are too totatly fubared 2 notice how great FSU is this year, Maybe your hangover will end before the national championship game !! !