2014 World Cup Schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2014 World Cup Schedule kicks off today at 3:30pm ET when Brazil, the host country, takes on Croatia at Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo.

Although FBSchedules.com covers American football, today we celebrate the start of the world’s fútbol tournament. Check out the World Cup Schedule listed below and a printable version.


(Printable World Cup Schedule)

Thursday, June 12
3:30pm ET – Brazil vs. Croatia, ESPN

Friday, June 13
11:30am ET – Mexico vs. Cameroon, ESPN2
2:30pm ET – Spain vs. Netherlands, ESPN
5:30pm ET – Chile vs. Australia, ESPN2

Saturday, June 14
11:30am ET – Colombia vs. Greece, ABC
2:30pm ET – Uruguay vs. Costa Rica, ABC
5:30pm ET – England vs. Italy, ESPN
8:30pm ET – Ivory Coast vs. Japan, ESPN

Sunday, June 15
11:30am ET – Switzerland vs. Ecuador, ABC
2:30pm ET – France vs. Honduras, ABC
5:30pm ET – Argentina vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina, ESPN

Monday, June 16
11:30am ET – Germany vs. Portugal, ESPN
2:30pm ET – Iran vs. Nigeria, ESPN
5:30pm ET – Ghana vs. United States, ESPN

Tuesday, June 17
11:30am ET – Belgium vs. Algeria, ESPN
2:30pm ET – Brazil vs. Mexico, ESPN
5:30pm ET – Russia vs. South Korea, ESPN

Wednesday, June 18
11:30am ET – Australia vs. Netherlands, ESPN
2:30pm ET – Spain vs. Chile, ESPN
5:30pm ET – Cameroon vs. Croatia, ESPN

Thursday, June 19
11:30am ET – Colombia vs. Ivory Coast, ESPN
2:30pm ET – Uruguay vs. England, ESPN
5:30pm ET – Japan vs. Greece, ESPN

Friday, June 20
11:30am ET – Italy vs. Costa Rica, ESPN
2:30pm ET – Switzerland vs. France, ESPN
5:30pm ET – Honduras vs. Ecuador, ESPN

Saturday, June 21
11:30am ET – Argentina vs. Iran, ESPN
2:30pm ET – Germany vs. Ghana, ESPN
5:30pm ET – Nigeria vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina, ESPN

Sunday, June 22
11:30am ET – Belgium vs. Russia, ABC
2:30pm ET – South Korea vs. Algeria, ABC
5:30pm ET – United States vs. Portugal, ESPN

Monday, June 23
11:30am ET – Netherlands vs. Chile, ESPN
11:30am ET – Australia vs. Spain, ESPN2
3:30pm ET – Cameroon vs. Brazil, ESPN2
3:30pm ET – Croatia vs. Mexico, ESPN

Tuesday, June 24
11:30am ET – Italy vs. Uruguay, ESPN
11:30am ET – Costa Rica vs. England, ESPN2
3:30pm ET – Japan vs. Colombia, ESPN
3:30pm ET – Greece vs. Ivory Coast, ESPN2

Wednesday, June 25
11:30am ET – Nigeria vs. Argentina, ESPN
11:30am ET – Bosnia and Herzegovina vs. Iran, ESPN2
3:30pm ET – Honduras vs. Switzerland, ESPN2
3:30pm ET – Ecuador vs. France, ESPN

Thursday, June 26
11:30am ET – Portugal vs. Ghana, ESPN2
11:30am ET – United States vs. Germany, ESPN
3:30pm ET – South Korea vs. Belgium, ESPN
3:30pm ET – Algeria vs. Russia, ESPN2

Saturday, June 28
11:30am ET – Brazil vs. Chile, ABC
3:30pm ET – Colombia vs. Uruguay, ABC

Sunday, June 29
11:30am ET – Netherlands vs. Mexico, ESPN
3:30pm ET – Costa Rica vs. Greece, ESPN

Monday, June 30
11:30am ET – France vs. Nigeria, ESPN
3:30pm ET – Germany vs. Algeria, ESPN

Tuesday, July 1
11:30am ET – Argentina vs. Switzerland, ESPN
3:30pm ET – Belgium vs. United States, ESPN

Friday, July 4
11:30am ET – France vs. Germany, ESPN2
3:30pm ET – Brazil vs. Colombia, ESPN

Saturday, July 5
11:30am ET – Argentina vs. Belgium, ABC/ESPN2
3:30pm ET – Netherlands vs. Costa Rica, ESPN

Tuesday, July 8
3:30pm ET – Semifinals, ESPN

Wednesday, July 9
3:30pm ET – Semifinals, ESPN

Saturday, July 12
3:30pm ET – Third-place match, ESPN

Sunday, July 13
2:30pm ET – Final, ABC

Comments (6)

Just about the same thoughts as you Jason. I love the World Cup & Euro tournaments and the qualifying for both events. I just cannot get into the English Premiership League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga or Major League Soccer.

Thank you for posting. This is very nice of you. I will say a few things… Attn Brazil, three words… Russian Hockey Team. Russia came into the hockey part of the Winter Olympics expecting to gold. They got nothing including a loss to the U.S. who also did a classic choke. I would think they got a wake up call, granted a different sport.

Also, I am sad with this one. The last one for some time on ESPN. While I find them with some arrogance toward their properties, they really did a beautiful job covering and growing the Cup here in the U.S. I dread that Fox will takeover starting the next year (as well as the U.S. Open golf tournament). I would have been happy with NBC/NBCSN if not ESPN. Well, their Telemundo will have the spanish coverage.

U.S. team, pure and simple. Survive Portugal and Germany and get payback on Ghana, then lookout…. Brutal group and they won CONCACAF with Mexico struggling internally during that time.